Creating a Powerful Anti-Smoking Message

March 06, 2018 - 15:20
Posted in Web

When Minderoo approached RADAR about helping creatively with its new anti-smoking campaign, we jumped at the opportunity. It is a great cause, with some reputable names behind it, including rugby league legend Jonathon Thurston.


The campaign objective was to raise the legal age of smoking in Australia. A very single minded message, so we focused on ensuring it had maximum creative impact through digital mediums, including a campaign website.

RADAR developed the idea of having a crossed out ‘smoking’ running through the headline of ‘Stop smoking before it starts’, which encapsulated the campaign message in a creative and powerful way.

RADAR’s Executive Creative Director Andrew Robertson said of the project: “It’s always exciting to see how one powerful, albeit simple idea or execution can drive a campaign and really bring it to life.  The use of large hero images of the supporters and a limited colour palette then helped draw viewers’ attention to the most important information.”

The creative campaign ran across social media, TV, print and online display and gained widespread support. RADAR’s Client Services Director Kristian Breuer said “It was incredibly rewarding to work on a marketing campaign for a cause that we were all really passionate about, especially featuring our digital marketing capabilities”

Click here to view the creative we produced for this campaign.